Meet the Team

Kings of Alchemy is your premier United States 3D design and jewelry company, based right here in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in ancient mythos and skull based jewelry, but are able to take custom jobs from around the world. With low prices and quick turn-around times, don't hesitate to let us make your dreams a reality.

Logan Lees

3D Designer

Meet Logan Lees, the creative force behind our 3D Modeling and Casting at Kings of Alchemy. As our lead designer and caster, Logan meticulously guides each product from conceptualization to execution. With a passion for precision, he breathes life into every design.

Connect with Logan at to explore the artistry shaping our unique creations.


Mayson Crowe

Web Development and Media Manager

Introducing Mayson Crowe, our versatile talent handling Web Development and Media Management at Kings of Alchemy. Not just a web wizard, Mayson crafts captivating videos and occasionally designs iconic pieces like the Athena Ring and the Kamon Ring.

Dive into Mayson's creative realm at